John Murawski /
Motion Pencil Studio
About Me

The son of an advertising creative and an interior designer, I've always been caught up in both worlds, the one that wove the urban landscape we physically inhabit, and the romantic mythical universe as seen through the eyes of visual storytellers.  
I attended the Illinois Institute of Technology where I orignally sought a degree in animation and industrial design. However, going to a university that specialized in architecture, in Chicago, with it's lavish skyline and reknown pioneers in that field, I was swayed from pursuing the arts, and went on to earn my degree as an architect.
I still continued to lead a double life.  I often worked long, sleepless hours as an architect during the week, and on weekends drew caricatures at art shows and city festivals. I taught cartooning classes, designed trade show exhibits, and produced conceptual renderings for architectural presentations.

After spending a significant part of my life making architecture my main focus, I've decided to switch gears and amp up my illustration work. I feel I can use my architectural understanding as an advantage in weaving credible character scene sequences into impactful backdrops, intrinsic to the storyline. I've done a large body of caricature portrature over the years. The object of the craft is to attempt to capture the subject's essence in a jestful, exaggerated manner. I found the most effective way to do this is not so much by how accurately you can stylistically replicate one's true physical features, as much as it is bringing out one's trademark facial expression, fixing on a "signature attitude" that most people would define that individual with.  I've been often told that my caricature portrayals look more like the subjects than the subjects themselves do.  The same could be said for actors. If they're able pull off a convincing impression, with facial gestures and mannerisms that clearly epitomize their character's personality, any actual physical resemblance then becomes insubstantial.
I've recently moved my studio to Scottsdale, to be closer to the film studios on the west coast.